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Close Encounter - 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky - 9/10/81

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 08:12 AM PST

NOTE: this unedited witness report was posted on the MUFON site this morning. Is this credible?...Lon

MUFON witness report (unedited) - Fort Campbell, Kentucky 9/10/81: In 1981 either in the spring or the fall it has been so long. I still remember fairly clear what had happened one night at ftcky (Fort Campbell, Kentucky...Lon).

The 101 Airborne.Div..had a division exercise and about 28,000 participated. We received a radio call from division HQ that we are halting the exercise and observe the sky for unusual objects. We have been notified that the object is unidentifiable. We were asked to mark our watches and monitor time loss. After the event we should examine ourselves for puncture wounds in the nape of our necks and behind the ear lobes. Not long after that about 1 minute a large object appeared in the sky I could not see it at first. It appeared like all the other other stars.

The radio operator whom I will not reveal his name from Long Island Ny. and the company commander a capt. who was my age 24 years old at the time, whom I will not reveal his name pointed out the object. It grew bigger and bigger and appeared to be approximately 2000 ft. up. One object turned into 4 maybe 5 smaller objects. They were discs and they came from the larger object. Now I can't figure out if the larger object was a cylinder or a larger disc because of the angle and position it was in. The smaller disc as I recall glowed green on one side and orange on the other. They flew faster than any earth bound vehicle and could stop on a dime, a very sudden stop no coasting. These discs wanted to be seen obviously with bright colors and it appeared that the were flying in a pattern to triangulate the entire div. and then they stopped and spread quickly to various points. One of the silver discs stopped maybe 150 meters away from my company. I immediately asked the company commander, I volunteer to go forward and make contact. I will be peaceful and show no hostility. He said Doc I need to get that cleared. He radioed division .Hq and they said proceed with caution make note of any markings and observe for any life forms inside.

The company commander told me Doc you don't have to do this. I said Sir I have to do this we have an opportunity to meet someone from another world. I ran forward hoping this object would not leave before I could make contact. I stood before this disc that appeared to be silver now not showing what I will term its battle colors green and orange.

I carried a 45 calb. pistol as I was a senior combat medic rank E5. I was also wearing my battle dress to include the laser tag equipment used in training.

I approached the first time and waved with my hand and held the position waving as the satellite with the man and the woman on it (voyager). I felt maybe some other life forms had seen us from that satellite.

I could not see any movement and thought maybe it's my gear. I ran back and dropped my gear at the captain's. feet and told him to keep my 45 pistol I might be gone a long time and tell my parent I love them if this happens. He said Doc you need to stay here , I don't feel good about this. I said Sir if I make contact do you want to approach me or do I bring them to you or do you send one of your lieutenants out. He paused as if he did not want to respond. Then he said we will cross that bridge when it happens.

I then jogged eagerly back to the silver disc and with 2 canteens in hand, some C rations in my pocket I offered food and drink to this flying disc.
no response. I had no weapons on me. I was nearly defenseless and I recall while running out there the second time I new I was not going to get any help from the 90 or so men who were now in my background a 150 meters away from me. It was me, against this disc. I also knew they would probably leave the others alone. My job as a combat medic was to protect the men on health issues and protect wounded from the enemy. I was 12 inches away from this disc. it was silver like flexible foil. It was Quiet never made a sound and hovered about 5' (ft) from the ground . I stood 5'11 inches 186 pounds in those days. I was literally nose to nose with this disc. I saw it to be flat on the bottom and contoured to the top with a small dome on top, no markings of any kind . I think I remember portals on the dome on top of the ship. I saw no one I walked 3/4s around this ship, no contact. I looked onward to my company who seemed very far away at this point.

Then I became extremely concerned in my spirit. What use to be courage almost became fear and a warning, almost as if some one was talking to me. I was being told to leave quickly that this was not normal and I was in harms way. It was as if my spirit warned me, perhaps God warned me, or may be something in the disc warned me. I then walked quickly around and then faced the front position that I started in at the disc and waved one more time. No response and then with some fear about me I jogged in a zigzag pattern back to my company. I did not want the occupants on board to think I was scared or let them think they had advantage over me. I could feel a presence and I sent a I am not scared presence back. It was for lesser words animal instinct being used by both parties in my opinion.

After I got back I said to the captain, I tried but they do not want to communicate and quite frankly I am scared sir. The company commander said to me you are not alone Doc look around you. Every man around us was praying to God. I knelt with one knee to the ground near the men
facing as bold as I could and prayed 'God make this thing go away, this disc is not of good nature, protect us. Not more than 5 seconds later this disc moved back as I left it , dipped down moved like a zig zag and straight out and up to the larger ship it went. All the other discs left at the same time.

We were debriefed by I believe by an air force capt. who said he was with information / foreign technology. He asked me if I saw any markings Chinese or Russian. I said no none. He asked me if it made sound, I said none, did I see anybody , no I saw no one.

He said we saw a bonified UFO and the discs were not of earthly origin. He also told us that one of the discs halted an air force C130 aircraft when it was taking off 2 feet from the ground at ftcky air strip. It drained the aircraft of energy and set it on the ground. He also said the gov. wanted to reopen project Blue book because of the event. He then said he had no more time for us as he had to interview another company that had an experience that night. I asked what happened and he replied to all of us that is not up for discussion here.

I asked the air force debrief if we could talk about this. He said we could to anyone for the rest of our lives. he said the us gov. was real interested in this event. (I am wondering if this was a typo and he was told he could NOT discuss this with anyone the rest of his life. That was the typical response. - P. Urial)


Now, two weeks latter we were in the field training and one of the sergeants showed me with night vision goggles,you could see for miles when the laser tag mechanism was fired. I said that's why they came down. They thought we had laser guns.

Its a good thing I took off all my equipment. Then the Sergeant turned to me and said Doc I heard a rumor that 3 men in another company were taken off of the ground and sent back stripped of gear and clothing. 2 were dead and one got committed to the hospital crazy bin. He also said I was either crazy or the bravest medic he had ever seen.

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seanlvlss said...

I live in Clarksville, TN. Just down the road from Ft Campbell. Was always curious about siting's and if there were any possible encounters with UFOS. Heard there was a few during cold war especially when Ft Campbell had a nuclear arsenal. Would love to here about any more encounters.